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Picture this...

You’re driving cross-country or maybe navigating the wilderness using your trusty GPS. The comfort of being able to know where you’re going even though you’ve never been there before gives you peace of mind. You feel invincible until…you don’t.

Your GPS has stopped working. Somewhere out in the cosmos, a piece of space debris has collided with the satellite tasked with relaying your coordinates in real time. What do you do? What can you do?

The answer is simple; nothing. By this time, it's too late for you, for the company that invested billions into providing your GPS service, and certainly too late for the owners of that poor, unsuspecting satellite.


Who are we?

Founded in 2019, Paterson Aerospace Systems was developed to reduce the negative impact the Aerospace Industry has on the resources of the Earth and other operational environments. Our team is comprised  of professional engineers and scientists with a passion for protecting environmental assets for safer and cleaner space exploration.

Center yourself in space * Center yourself in space *

The Paterson Aerospace Difference

  • Environmentally Sound: We keep Earth's resources and the operational environment of our technologies in mind
  • AI Enabled: Systems designed to be autonomous with minimal human dependence
  • Faster Decision Making: On-board AI means reduced decision and determination lag
  • Cost Effective: We price our systems to customer needs to outlast our competitors
  • Strong Team: Decades of experience in government service at the forefront of engineering and technology development

an impact

Understanding that sustainability means building for the next generation, our team is committed to engaging underrepresented communities in various areas of STEM research and education.

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