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The environmental conscience of the aerospace industry.

Our Mission

Paterson Aerospace Systems Corp. is taking a sustainable approach to space exploration through research and development. 

Vision for the Future

The goal of Paterson Aerospace Systems is to bring environmental consciousness to the aerospace industry through research and innovation. We rise to challenge the status quo by building a future where space exploration is sustainable, emission free and safe for everyone and their assets.

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The Current State of Space

Sustainability and resource management in the space industry has been largely underregulated for too long. As we seek to inhabit other worlds, a new and more sustainable approach to space exploration is needed to ensure that we properly steward our solar system for generations to come. 

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Safer Exploration
in Every Aspect

Space Sustainability is not just about reducing environmental effects, it also involves the safety of assets and ensuring that they can be reused and accessed for the life of the mission and to benefit the next generation. 

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