• Protein has a short shelf life
  • Growing plants in space is labor and resource intensive
  • Space agriculture systems cannot support needs of astronauts

The Challenge

As humanity begins to visit and inhabit other worlds, we will require food sources to sustain us. There are many attempts to genetically modify and grow foods in controlled environments, which produce unappealing foods for astronaut consumption. Sources of protein are of highest concern, as they do not travel well and are difficult to grow in space. Many astronauts complain that a lack of fresh food results in a negative experience during long duration space missions.

Our Solution

The Mycoprotein and Vegetative Resource Incubation Chamber is a two-part system designed to grow fresh fruit and vegetables as well as mycelium protein for consumption in space during long duration missions.

Fresh- understanding the psychological and physiological benefits of growing and eating fresh food, MaVRIC was designed to grow plants in as close to natural methods as possible to produce fresh, ready to eat foods.

High Yield- Designed with crew in mind, MaVRIC can be reconfigured to match the dietary needs of up to 6 astronauts.

Autonomous- With mission in mind, MaVRIC reduces dependence on crew to grow and maintain crops by automating environmental controls, watering, and feeding, leaving only harvesting and replanting to the crew.